Been Out Sick…For Two Months!

Hey there! Long time no post! I’m the worst blogger ever! I just realized that i haven’t posted anything here in 2 months! I’m so sorry about that! I’m still dealing with my TMJ issues, and this last week I suffered with a nasty cold. I got my cold from my boyfriend, who got it from my nephews, after they were over here on the weekend. They like to come up and stay over every now and then with their Aunt Katie. It seems like a lot of people have been sick lately. Tis the season! I hope you all are in good health!

I have been meaning to make a couple of important phone calls to schedule medical appointments, but I’ve just felt miserably sick. I need to schedule a consult with an oral surgeon for the possibility of surgery, since I have a ton of fluid surrounding my jaw joint. I figured that with being sick, there isn’t much they could do right away. Plus, my throat was holding me back from speaking properly…

I use an app called Slice on my phone. It tracks packages, orders, expenses, and it even let’s you know when there is a price drop on something you ordered. I had ordered the Real Techniques Limited Edition illuminate and accentuate 2.0 set from Target. I had missed out on a lower price from Black Friday on the ULTA website, so I decided to just go ahead and order it full price. Slice notified me of the price drop. It dropped down to $13.99 after I had paid $19.99. So I contacted Target customer service by phone, they were pretty busy and preferred a phone call for price comparisons. I felt so bad for the lady I was talking to, she could barely understand me with the frog I had in my throat. I got it done though and $6.00 was refunded back to me. 

I haven’t tried this set yet, but I really love Real Techniques brushes and their blending sponges. I highly recommend them. They work great and won’t break the bank! Unfortunately, these are not on sale anymore at Target. 

The Slice app has been very helpful when it comes to keeping track of my packages. It would be especially helpful to those of us who do all of our Christmas shopping online. I pretty much do 90% of my shopping online. That goes for anytime, not just for the holidays. I have some other useful apps I use as well. I can do a post about them if anyone would like one. Just let me know in the comments. I can also elaborate a little more on this particular app as well.

Anyway, I plan on making my phone calls ASAP since I can speak more clearly now. I also would like to try to get some more blog posts up soon. I have ordered quite a bit with all of the awesome sales/deals going on. There was Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and “Cyber Week.” Even now, several websites are doing 25 Days Of Christmas specials. I’m sure I won’t run out of new products to talk about anytime soon. 

Speaking of shopping, who is ready to go on a no-buy/low buy with me? When you’re a beauty blogger, we seem to end up with an overabundance of beauty products. You just get caught up in all of the hype when it comes to new products, especially when they’re “Limited Edition.” Or with these recent holiday sales, you feel like you should buy something just because it’s on sale and you don’t want to miss out on such a great deal to save money…when really you would save a heck of a lot more by not buying anything in the first place! 

If you have gone on a no-buy or a low buy, let me know how that went for you, and if you have any helpful tips…OR if you are planning on doing it, what’s your plan of action? Let me know! This concludes this post. I just wanted to touch base and update everyone on where I’ve been. I hope everyone is having a great holiday season! πŸŽ„ Thank you for stopping by and for reading!

P.S. The kitty in the picture is my baby girl Allie ❀

25 thoughts on “Been Out Sick…For Two Months!

  1. Sorry to hear you haven’t been feeling the best! The Splice app sounds useful and those Real Techniques brushes look gorgeous! I feel like I have been on a low buy most of this year subconsciously and it does feel good πŸ™‚ x

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  2. Thank you so much! I’m doing a little better. I am having surgery on the 12th of April for my TMJ. It’s an arthrocentesis procedure to drain the excess fluid and it’s supposed to be the least noninvasive procedure. I’m sure it will be more painful at first, but I hope in the long run that it will help with the pain. I have chronic illness/pain, unfortunately it will never go away. I never know when I will have good or bad days. I’m hoping for more good soon though! xo

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    1. Thank you! I have Fibromyalgia along with a few autoimmune diseases. On top of that I have back pain issues too. I got a new MRI recently and I have more herniated discs, when I had one before. Also some nerve crowding. I have a referral to go back to a pain clinic. I get steroid epidural injections on and off and I’ve had my nerves burned a few times before too. It’s always something! Lol! I try to keep a positive attitude. I’m sorry to hear about your chronic back pain 😦 I hope you’re able to find some relief from it ❀❀❀ xo

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      1. Oh no, don’t feel bad! You’re pain is real and never let anyone make you feel like it’s not. I walked out of the middle of a doctor’s appointment with a back and pain doctor. Several innapropriate and insensitive statements were made. I wasn’t going to stay there any longer and listen to that. They didn’t think I needed a new MRI even though my last one was 6 years ago. I told them about how it’s worsened and its affecting my bladder, they wouldn’t listen. So I just went to see my primary doctor. He has always been great, been my doctor since I was a kid. He ordered me a new MRI for my back. Turns out my back is worse. Now I have more bulging discs and nerve crowding /narrowing. The old MRI from 6 years ago showed just one bulging disc and some degeneration. It was quite a difference! Moral of the story is, stand up for yourself. You know your body more than anyone else ❀

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